K-8 School Enrichment Program

ArtMatters offers a school enrichment program designed to expose students to the visual arts and encourage a relationship that will endure a lifetime.

ArtMatters is good for Children.     

Children need a balance in their education, academics and the humanities. With ArtMatters, there are no wrong answers, only different insights. It builds confidence in children who sometimes get the answers wrong.  It is for the kid who might not be the sports star or the spelling champion, who suddenly finds himself rewarded for speaking about what he thinks. This program levels the playing field. Students are encouraged to respond, to share, to connect, and to succeed.

ArtMatters is good for Teachers      

Teachers cheer our help in the classroom with visual aids that support lessons that they are working on. Subjects can be coordinated with classroom teachers, art teachers and connected directly to the curriculum. For example, students studying the Revolutionary War benefit from seeing the paintings of John Singleton Copley, whose portraits include; Paul Revere, Sam Adams and John Hancock, and whose father-in-law owned the tea that was thrown in the harbor one rebellious evening. It brings history to life and makes it real. Science & math are promoted with studies of abstract art, M.C. Escher and Leonardo Da Vinci.

ArtMatters enrichment program summary    

A 45 minute ArtMatters classroom presentation or assembly is offered on an era in time, an art movement or on the life of a single artist. A typical presentation comprises 20 - 25 fine art reproductions, displayed in the salon style, thereby encouraging comparison, discussion and reflection. No slides are used, allowing the lights to stay on, and the students to remain engaged. A dialogue is created as the children respond to what they see, and they are encouraged to share what they think and feel. There are no wrong answers. Art is subjective, and every child has their own opinion and their own turn to talk. Active involvement with looking and responding is very lively and rewarding.