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Statement of Purpose

     ArtMatters is a group of people who believe that art matters!

     Art should be accessible and fun.  The idea is to make a connection. The response to an image can be universal, or it can be very personal. It can be a very intimate experience. Someone might connect a portrait to a family member, or a landscape with a place they grew up. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad.

     There are however, lots of different opinions, which is part of the communication and the dialogue. We encourage people to have opinions, to react, to connect to the emotions and memories in their own lives. Having a strong reaction to an image, pleasant or repellant, is a sign that the communication is indeed working very well. After all, not all images are made to make people happy, and we sometimes have extremely lively discussions and interactions.

     Human Beings are the only animals on the planet that makes art. We make art to communicate with one another - as a species. It is our base-line communication. No one has to teach you how to do it. You’re born being able to look at marks on a flat surface and see in 3 dimensions - landscapes, people, stories, and information. If we didn’t make art, we wouldn’t have civilization - at all!  We wouldn’t have a way of accumulating knowledge, building on that knowledge, and passing it down to future generations. We would have no books, no numbers, and no libraries. Letters and numbers are just little pictures.

     Art transcends different languages, cultures and religions. It spans time and distance to connect individual people, from all over the world, to one another, as a species. It is why we are so successful. It is why we dominate the planet.

     Looking at art keeps us quintessentially HUMAN.

     An ArtMatters presentation will use up to 50 oversized fine art reproductions. We do not use slides or PowerPoint. The prints can be seen easily, and held individually for up-close and personal consideration. As our presentation proceeds, giving context, histories, quotations, and insights, the prints are mounted on the wall. The lights stay on and everyone is engaged and awake. At the end of our presentation all the prints can be seen at once, “Salon style”, for comparison, questions, and personal anecdotal stories. We have over 40 different subjects covering different styles, movements, eras in history, and different individual artists.

ArtMatters brings the museum to you.